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Originally Posted by Fantastic View Post
Having experienced what a really bad throttle cut feels like with the 2009 FZ1 I already have experience on how to enter a corner with this so I honestly don't think it is that bad. The first time it happened entering my favorite track's turn 1 at 95 did catch me off guard though lol, needless to say I went a little wide that time.
You got it. That stupid FZ1 taught me so much; at first 'cause I had to ride the mistake that I bought then try to ride it with actually doing a bunch of mods that kinda worked. BUT when I bought the FZ1 (thought I was going to commute to work on it) knew right away that I made a mistake so bought the 07 r1, same year as the FZ1 and rode both of them past 100,000 miles. Never had a mechanical problem with either but r1 front hated to stay on the ground while the fz1 cut off, while improved with Ivan's gizmo, taught me about finesse throttle work in tight stuff. Valuable lesson for me as I'm slow unless I have some instructor yelling in my face.
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