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Originally Posted by scout View Post
omg, my stupid '07 FZ1 had this problem oem. Ivan had a solution but it ate fuel. No reason whatsoever to flash this bike. The evidence is how fast tires are wasted on oem configuration. Oem rips apart every situation on road or track; end of story.

I hear what you are saying... Don't get me wrong, there isn't anything wrong with the top end of this bike... It's absolutely insane. Though, I am on a euro spec. But I do feel like there are benefits to a decat and flash. Namely the snappy throttle and weak mid. The throttle in particular is making me spend more brain cells than I would like on corner exit.

As far as tires go. I agree. Got a new rear put on yesterday after 2000 kms of street riding. Absolutely cooked.

And not to sidetrack the thread too much, and I'll probably cop some crap for this.. but I'm not overly fond of the brakes. The power is there, but I don't get the greatest feel from them. Might be a pad issue. But those front forks... Ohhh boy, absolutely brilliant.
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