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Thanks mate at least I see a option!my Doctor hasn't really given me any idea and haven't seen a Orthopaedic surgeon yet who usually has the option list!all I could see is having to take OxyContin 20mg sr morning and evening again after 2 knee replacements in just over a year!as soon as I stopped and went into the withdrawal days(usually around 2 days of pretty shitty feelings and another 3 to get normal)after 2 weeks of nothing first thing in the morning I couldn't bend over or if I sat for any period my level of pain just increased!Ive allways had some back pain gradually getting worse but what I experienced with no pain relief was like WTF is going on!the X-ray at least gave me some indication that it wasn't in my head and I did have some sort of back problem!I no I'm not a pussy because around 2 years ago I tripped over and had to just lay there until the sick pain feeling stopped!the next day the wife made me have a X-ray and heard nothing so just carried on as normal!it was Winter time and I was collecting firewood in a wheelbarrow and big heavy pieces and every step I took it felt like something was like going to fall out in between my legs and pretty strong pain!I told myself your a pussy get on with it lol,10 days after the fall I had a rather strange phone call from my Doctor saying she needed to see me!anyway showed me the X-ray and told me I had Brocken my pelvis in 2 places and couldn't stop apologising about it!so I wasn't a pussy there was a reason after all lol
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