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Originally Posted by White Fang View Post
Keep your eyes on your mirrors, never assume approaching traffic sees you, be ready to hammer the gas and get out the way if need be. Maybe go some other way so's you don't need to turn left, come the other direction and make it a right turn. That's what I do, I never sit and wait to turn left. Reason I know that is because I was rear-ended, in a car thankfully, many years ago. Just around the block, come back, or some other route to limit exposure.
Never turning left good luck with that. Gassing it only works in situations where you are aware of the idiot behind you and you have time. Been riding since I was old enough to walk. Been riding streetbikes for the last 12 years. Gassing it usually only works when you are still rolling. Not from a dead stop when someone hits you at speeds of 60mph after dark, there isn't much time to react. I hear what your saying and its good advice but you cant prevent everything. I have had my share of close calls, and been down a number of times. Unfortunately, if you ride on the road these days its part of the risk you need to accept. Too many people looking at their phones and not the road. Oh well, I am still here to ride another day
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