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Hot damn......

lol ive been debating, but that is selling me on it.

1. edit...
saw on the site i can buy a bin file if i have multiple bikes....

will this also work on the gen 4? meaning can I buy a gen 4 bin file and use this hardware to dial my gen 4 and gen 5 ?

2. Also....
If i take this to my local dyno tuning shop...they should be able to input the fuel maps using this, directly into my OEM ECU right?
Meaning the fuel input graph should be similar to PC5 and Bazzaz or something most experienced dyno shops would know what to do?

3. edited.....saw the RPM part on the website.

4. Auto Tune/Data Loger....
So is this a built in system that will tell how much off the fuel map is like a Bazzaz Auto Tune?

I have more questions, just not sure how to ask them lol...
I guess I want to know the biggest difference between the standard package and the wideband package....and if its worth getting the wide band or standard.

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