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So everything software wise should be good to go...

Currently working on (have been for a bit now) on the reverse shift as well as the auto-blip option. That will be coming in the second release of the software which should release soon along with some other key things.

Last night/this morning it was updated to get our extremely useful live engine data as well as our new diagnostics system. Live engine data is what it sounds like and is what lets you do on the dyno tuning or autotuning and data logging. The diagnostics system is new.

The new 10R loves to throw FI codes be it on the dyno or just installing stuff. This requires you either to go into the dealer to have them cleared with a KDS3 unit or do a procedure where you have to run the bike for 10-15 minutes keeping the coolant temp up and the bike above a certain speed. You have to do that 3-4x... Just to clear an FI code if you don't have a KDS3. So not very convenient at all and there is no more pulling the battery and resetting them. So waste an hour of your live or ride into the dealership once/if a code pops up... not anymore. It can be done directly through our software in a few clicks and a cycle of the key.

Simply open up the software and click on the diagnostics button
Click image for larger version

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With the bike on and the USB or Log Box connected it, the software will put the box in diagnostics mode and connect to the bike and retrieve any current codes:
Click image for larger version

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Simply hit clear fault code and this pops up
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Turn the key off, let it sit for 10 seconds and turn it back on, hit okay and you're cleared!
Click image for larger version

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The software is live now so for those of you doing beta testing you can try it out (and are encouraged to do so). The website will be updated here soon with the new items/packages for the bikes. But remember, if you're a member on the forums here and order through me directly, I give you a 10% discount and likely cheaper shipping!
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