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Originally Posted by ZX10RArcher View Post
I'll update all of those question in the above post. Sorry, woke up in the middle of the night, saw the email and posted what info I had and went back to bed haha. Been touching it up since then. Once I update everything, feel free to clean up with the broom tidying up things.

As far as the v1 interface, no that cannot be resold and reassigned to another user. As soon as the v2 came out the v1s were locked to the original account because of some of the com port issues a very small margin of v1s experienced. This was done to prevent any sort of potential chain reaction from users experiencing those com port issues where they wouldn't stay assigned to the correct port.
Cool, take your time updating. No biggie, just wanting to get my questions out there. I'll clean the thread later for you to keep the discussions at bay. I know a discussion here wasn't what you intended.

That sucks about the v1 interface. Guess I'm stuck with that then.

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