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Originally Posted by SkyDork View Post
OK, well that's good news!

So, I hate to keep buggering up your thread with these questions, but maybe you could update your original post and I'll clean these up later. Can you break down the main differences between the v3 and v2 kits for guys upgrading from the G4 stuff like I would be doing? Is the G4 on bike harness the same? What about the bench harness? What's included in the complete v3 USB kit? And does the new BIN file definitions include the 3 ECUs as well?

Basically I need to know if I go with the complete v3 kit or if I just need the interface and BIN file definition and reuse my G4 on bike and bench harness.

And I'm currently using the older v1 style interface. Is that able to be resold similar to the v2 interface without issue?
I'll update all of those question in the above post. Sorry, woke up in the middle of the night, saw the email and posted what info I had and went back to bed haha. Been touching it up since then. Once I update everything, feel free to clean up with the broom tidying up things.

As far as the v1 interface, no that cannot be resold and reassigned to another user. As soon as the v2 came out the v1s were locked to the original account because of some of the com port issues a very small margin of v1s experienced. This was done to prevent any sort of potential chain reaction from users experiencing those com port issues where they wouldn't stay assigned to the correct port.
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