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Woolich Racing ECU flashing products are a go!

Hey guys!

I finally got word that everything's a go in terms of the hardware. The software should be ready here soon as well. So, this is going to serve as a general info post as well as an interest thread.

I have to put my order in on Thursday evening to get the initial batch of hardware here stateside. I'm not asking for money, just gauging interest to get an idea of who needs what so I can order everything in advance and not get cleaned out in one day. :o)

First off, the new bike requires the new v3 interface we launched. No way around it. The new 10R/H2/H2-R ECU is a completely revised Mitsubishi ECU compared to the ones in the past years.

What's different about the v3 over the v2?
-Well first off it eliminates the pesky three position switch on the boxes. Simply a left or right position. Left is only used for firmware updates or resets while the right position will handle everything else. So no more toggling switches to changes mode as the software will now command the box what to do remotely and the box responds.
-Also it will give you access to diagnostics/FI codes in the software and the ability to clear them and reset any kind of learned values that get stored within the ECU.
-Various internal design changess and improvements.
-Everything you currently use with the v2 interface will work with the v3 interface seamlessly.

So here is individual pricing for the new 2016 ZX-10R components.
USB v3 Interface - $249
Log Box v3 Interface - $335 (No Log Box Pro v3 at the moment)
Kawasaki Type 13 Bench Harness - $100
Kawasaki Type 13 On-bike Harness (comes with one main harness and one extension harness) - $45
Kawasaki Type 13 Extension Harness (for additional on bike flashing and tuning) - $15
2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R bin file definition keys - $100/ea (kits below include one single bin file definition)

Complete USB v3 kits will be $394.
Complete Log Box v3 kits will be $704.
Remember... you guys get 10% off with me on the forums here provided you're a signed up member that has posted on the site (North America only, out of region customers have to order through their regional distributor).

Also if you guys currently have a V2 interface you can sell it to another user if you wanted. We are able to clear out the box registration on the v2 interface for the next user, we just need confirmation from both parties. In this case you'd have to purchase a new bin file definition for your ECU through the software. Also, if the user is completely offloading the entire kit or just the interface itself you may have to purchase a harness.

If you guys have a v1 interface from when Woolich first came around on the forums, those cannot be reassigned. Those have to stay with the same account that they are currently on.

If you want to just upgrade from the v2 to a v3 and you currently have another make/model, you definitely can. The harnesses and everything you currently have installed on the bike(s) or if you're using a bench harness, everything will work on the new v3 interface with zero issues. Same thing for your bin file definitions you have in your account, you won't lose any or need to use another to reflash your ECU with the new interface.

For those curious, this same hardware will also work on the H2/H2-R when we launch that in the software here before this spring in North America.

As far as what is in the software, at this time I do not know. I know Justin has been hard at work on this ECU damn near 24-7 for months getting everything he can out of it. As soon as I have access to the software, I will let everyone know what is available. As usual, there will be continued updates adding in new features as we unlock them or add them upon request.

Hopefully you guys are excited as we are! If you guys want me to preorder hardware for you, please put your info down in the thread as to what you want. This isn't a hard commitment and not binding. I am not asking for any deposits or pre-payments either. I pay for the hardware before hand and upfront, so if you decide you don't want something you order, no worries as it will go into inventory with everything else I carry and someone else will purchase it eventually.

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