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Originally Posted by RBZ10R View Post
The kawaka shifter is similar to the WR moto2 shifter just they have centralised the strain gauge sensor on the rod.

Just wait for Woolich Racing to release there flashing tool for the gen 5 it should have an option for switching to GP if there is an option in the ECU.

interested to know re linkages as I have a copy of the 3.5 MSS Colchester link.

Any news on the link pipe diameter? same as current?
I took tape and put it around the insert part of both pipes....it measured the same, but without taking off...it could be a 1/16th of an inch off and not work, so I wont say for certain they are interchangeable, but it looks like they are. even the location of the boom box and header pip connection are in the same location.

The links are def different shape.
I can check the stock links against it pretty easy. Now that I think about it, I could have just taken one plate off the side of the Gen 4 MSS links to compare...but checking the dog bone would require more work.

I want to ride the bike more, but i have a feeling I will end up shimming the rear shock to get her feeling like the Gen 5.

Stock to stock..Gen 5 feels hella better than the Gen 4 did stock...but with shims and race links...I was surprised how much of a difference it actually made with front end feel and flick-ability.

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