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Originally Posted by SkyDork View Post
Nope. That's not the way it works. In my case, the head gasket was only an issue at high RPMs when the combustion pressure was high enough to sneak a little air out. Then it was a cascading effect with the air pocket allowing the coolant to boil. I used a cooling system pressure tester and it held tight over a 24 hour period of time. I also used the gas detection liquid and saw no signs of exhaust gases in the coolant. The bike would heat up, fan kick on, and cool down like normal. All up until I'd ride it. Then it would overheat. All of the static checks passed. Even after removing the head gasket there was no obvious signs of damage. But after having replaced it, there's been no issues.
i see. so do you think that if i rev the bike close to redline for some time while standing and looking at the reservoir i would be able to see the bubbles come up if the gasket it letting gas through?
ALSO: the fact that i sometimes smell the faint odor of burned (sweet) coolant come up from under the cluster/ triple tree area when i start it every few days... could mean that the system could potentially be taking up air by vacuum through the leak?
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