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From my understanding, full ceramic is made more for vacuum environments,MRi machines, and things like that. but thats probably grade 25 to 100

grade 5 is the strongest of them

If you get a set, be sure to get a set that specifies quality on the seal. BC alot of ceramic failure is due to debris and cheaper seals. I dont know to much about them, but the white ceramic is suppose to be brittle.
I use to rewind/restore electric motors with my dad. From single to really big 3 phase. we tried using ceramic bearings in our pumps, bc we hoped they would hold in a wet environment better. However the sets we tried disintegrated under pressure (these pumps where very very hard on any bearing, requiring constant change and maintenance)

Really though, this was years ago, and im sure the motorcycle specific bearings are probably grade 5 and top notch-in seal protection.

The Largest amount of friction in bearings comes from the grease

EDIT Im interested in this also now and going to do some research myself. Bearings are something easy to change and when i need a set i may try this. I called my dad and asked him if there was an update on bearings he uses in the pumps. He told me the pumps have been reworked with new units, and he has been using full ceramic in them for a while now. He also said if it wasn't for cost, he would put them in the oil rig motors also. But those guys want them as cheap as possible. Those pumps and motors work 24/7 rain, sleet, or snow

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