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ZX10R Exhaust Servo Eliminator "How To" D.I.Y. Gen 1, 2, & 3

This is my FREE SHAREWARE on "How to build your own servo eliminator"
For a Gen 1, 2, 3, ZX10R ONLY...
I figured it was time to update my old thread to make it a little easier for peeps to understand
"How To Build It Themselves".

Read the entire 1st post, it contains all information needed to do this.

1st. I bought my Electronic parts at Radio Shack (Free Plug for them)
All pictured in the 1st Pic. Part #'s are on them.
**Note** In the 3rd pic the capacitor says 16volt,
but you can use the 35VDC instead. Radioshack is out of the 16volt.

2nd. You will need, A Soldering Iron, Solder, Electrical Tape, Epoxy.

3rd. Tools Needed : Needle nose pliers, Wire Strippers.

4th. Remove your Exhaust Servo Motor from your bike,
Cut the wires off of it as close to the motor as possible.

5th. Cut the GREY wire off the back of the one connector leaving the RED on.
On the 3 wire connector, leave ONLY the Black & Yellow wire on it.

6th. Assemble the Capacitor and Resistors as pictured in Pic # 4.

Make sure the arrows on the capacitor are pointing
at the black wire.
The resistors direction do not matter.
DO NOT DEVIATE from diagram.
I assume NO responsibility for any damage

7th. Solder the resistors to the capacitor to keep them secure.
Solder the circuit to the wires. Follow the diagram.

8th. Set the completed circuit in the Epoxy tray and pour Epoxy.
When Epoxy is set, remove and trim any sharp edges.

9th. Wrap Epoxied circuit with Electrical Tape.

10th. Install on your bike and you are done.

Now, If you cannot do this yourself.
I can and will build one for you, just PM or email me at
This has been verified to work all Gen 1's, 2's, & 3's.
Does not work on Gen 4 ZX10R's or ZX6R's.. Sorry
I do however, build ones for the Gen 4 ZX10R and ZX6R & Z1000, Z750

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