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Originally Posted by OneSLOW10 View Post
So a few questions

-Which PC 5 should one order?

-Do you really need to worry about the ignition on a first gen? On my 05 I had a PC3, DJ Quick shifter and DJ Ignition module, but never had it tuned any way so the Ignition module was pretty much useless.

Well.. if you did not made so far any use of the IM other than plugging it why would you say itīs useless? I've been able to improve overall the whole curve by adding or subtracting advance where it was necessary so I deffinitely say it is worth, unless you are a turbo/nitrous guy who only cares for big hp increase numbers

-From my understanding since the PC 5 autotune's there's really no need to pay some one to "tune" your moto?

How would you know which it the best AFR? You may get close but only that.
As Balogiannis said itīs a tool but it does not replace a good tuner with a dyno. It saves time.

-Schematic time OP :)

The 04 I am about to pick up has a PC 3 and I'm thinking about ripping it out in favor of the PC 5

Originally Posted by OneSLOW10 View Post
SCAN it :)

Is there more tuning options with the V versus the III in regards to being able to tweak more?

There are indeed a lot more tuning options with the PCV than with the PC3


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