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Originally Posted by neverendingmods View Post
I really dig that ninja 1k. Post up some reviews after you get some miles on it before and after the mods.....
Couple of impressions I posted on a local forum...


Did a quick 50 miles 2 up this afternoon just to learn the bike and bed in the brakes, etc. It's exactly what I was hoping it would be! The motor feels like it pulls better than my ZX10R or ZX14 below 7k rpm. It loves to be short shifted and cruises at 80 mph at ~5500 rpm in 6th then pulls cleanly to tripple digits at ~6500 rpm. The speed is very decieving. Cressa even commented that she though we were going much slower than usual. It drops into curves smoothly and tracks with no drama.

It's not perfect though. The fueling is very abrupt from slightly open throttle to completely closed then open again. I'm sure I'll be able to clean this up with some tuning. I may just be hyper sensitive to it b/c I tune the fueling on all my bikes. Another "complaint" is the bike is narrow. Very narrow. Feels like I'm trying to squeeze a 2X4 between my legs compared to the other bikes. I'm sure this is something I'll just have to get used to. The other thing is the seat has a slant to it. It may be how far back in the seat I'm sitting. I'll play around with seat position tomorrow on the smr. If I can't find a spot I like I'll have it redone or put on a Corbin or the like.


Got in a 200mi smr today. None of the above was an issue at pace. The suspension did start to show it's weak spots though. Still nothing that couldn't be ridden around at street pace. My AK20's and Penske will solve any percieved shortcomings. But in reality the oem rear is fine and the front just needs proper springs for 260# 's of coonasticness.

This is the first bike I've owned that I felt immediately confident on. Me likes

2011 Ninja 1K street
2004 636 track
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